3 ways you can encourage hundreds of missionaries–without even leaving your computer!

I’ve written 122 posts on this blog. There have been 279 comments, and thousands of people from over 100 countries have checked us out, with upwards of 13,000 pageviews. That’s pretty cool, right?

I read once that you are not officially a blogger until you’ve had an intense discussion (we don’t like to call them fights) with your wife about the blog. Rest assured, by that definition I am a professional blogger.

I’ve gotten feedback from people all over the spectrum about it. Some say I just come across as bitter and unhelpful to the cause of Christ. (I’ve made many changes based on their feedback). Others say I am doing something great. The vast majority have remained silent (except by their continued clicking) as to their opinion of my writing here.

My heart beats to be an outpost for the missionary who feels alone, who feels like nobody else is struggling with the concept of raising support. And I am going to continue to work toward that goal. Some days it’ll be funny, and some days it’ll be serious.

Truth be told, my situation is so radically different now from when I launched this blog that it has really become increasingly difficult to remember what it was like to be in the shoes of a missionary. September 2010 seems like 10 years ago that I had to raise support. My days start at 5 AM selling coffee at Starbucks (which I really enjoy, actually) and end at 8:30 PM at AT&T selling cell phones, plans, accessories, and more! (if you know me, you know I am a fish in water in the land of gadgets. I love it!) Needless to say, I am not swimming in the same ponds as many missionaries these days. Apologies for the two fish analogies in a row.

That’s where you come in. Many of the posts you have seen from me have been sparked by a comment, a story, or an email from you. Many of you are on the field, in ministry, or in much closer contact with missionaries than I.

Here are three ways you can help:

  1. Email this site to your friends who are in ministry (or click the facebook “Like” button on the home page under the photo). Encourage them to comment and participate.
  2. Comment on your favorite posts (and subscribe to the comments so that you can continue the dialogue!)
  3. Submit your stories, as well as the names of missionaries who need shouting out!

Thanks for reading, and giving others hope by letting them know that they are not alone! Let’s change support raising forever!

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