About the Joys of Voicemail.

Oh voicemail, how I love thee.  Parker family, how I loved to experience firsthand the transitions to your outgoing message.

Back in early October, 2007 I heard your message for the first time.  Each day I called I noticed how fervently you promised to call me back “as soon as possible.”  After exactly 19 messages (and about three weeks of calling), I noticed that you changed your outgoing greeting.  Instead of a promise to call back, you added lots of words like “if” and “maybe” and “busy.”  I got the hint.  (I was clearly calling at the wrong time of day.)  So I switched things up a bit, and Continue reading “About the Joys of Voicemail.”

Public Service Announcement

I need to clarify some things. Since starting to post here at ATB, I sent out a message to a broad crossection of friends, former Campus Crusade coworkers, and family, asking for feedback.  The last thing I want to do is to reflect poorly on Campus Crusade, missionaries in general, or Jesus.  So I asked for feedback on whether or not the site was funny, what I could do to make sure that I am not coming across as the offensive, bitter former staff guy, etc. Because I really am not bitter.  Really. Continue reading “Public Service Announcement”

About being referred to the Youth Guy

If there is one thing I loved when raising funding for my ministry, it was getting referred to the youth pastor at your church.  Or the Young Life guy.

Not sure, but I think this is the logic: you know I like Jesus, you know he likes Jesus, maybe we could get together and

  • start up a counterfeiting ring to generate some cash.
  • Compare minivans
  • Add each other as facebook friends

Continue reading “About being referred to the Youth Guy”